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SFX Trading Consultants

SFX Trading Consultants are here to help people of all levels and experience take the next step in their trading journey.

Our vision and goal is to build a community of confident, committed and serious traders.

What we offer:

We offer our SFX Trading premium analysis channel to show you how we see the markets on a day to day, week by week basis. We post all of our personal live trade setups, with our strict risk management guidelines so you can see our exact system that allows us to stay consistent and profitable.

We structure our analysis to focus on key aspects of the market using technical and fundamental analysis. Each trade is posted in the channel showing the risk to reward (entry and exit) used by the trader. After each trade hits desired price levels either win or loss, a full trade breakdown is posted with a step by step detailed description as to why the trade was placed, what we were expecting to happen and the outcome of the trade.

We also offer a personalised course and tailored mentoring sessions

Our personalised course is designed to teach you everything that you'll need to know to become a self sufficient trader. We cover every aspect of trading to help you master the art of technical analysis on the most professional level.

Our aim is to provide value so we can get our members analysing/trading independently and on the right path to trading success.

For more information on the mentoring please enquire below.



"Before You Invest In Something, Invest In Time To Understand It."

Mentoring package

  •  Tailored Sessions

  •  1-1

  •  Recorded for unlimited playback 

  •  3 months telegram access included 

  •  Recap Sessions

SFX Trading - Analysis channel

  •  Weekly market breakdowns

  •  Trade Analysis

  •  Educational Trade breakdowns

  •  Forex Education

  •  24/7 Support